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The 12- week HSPFit 2.0 Weight Loss Challenge body transformation contest has come to an end and HealthSPORT announced the winners and gave away $3,500 in cash prizes this past Wednesday, April 6th at our Arcata location. The cash prize is just a small part of what the winners have gained through this experience. The Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only participants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Our HealthSPORT judges have calculated the top three winners based on weight loss, total body fat loss, total inches reduced, and their personal testimonial of their weight loss.

Matthew Jenkins, the overall first place winner from this year’s competition took home $2,000. He dedicated himself to his goals and lost 45.6lbs (21.25% of his body fat). Matthew reflected on the experience and said, “What I realized is you don't have to be perfect to be healthy and lose weight, you just need to keep going until healthy living is your lifestyle, not just a competition. True health is a journey not an event.”


Our second place winner goes to Desirae Inman who lost 21 lbs and 10.82% of her total body fat! She won $1,000 and shared “It takes a lot to build new, healthy habits-- but this weight loss challenge has done just that: I get restless now if I can't make it to the gym. My body craves exercise and I have realized the benefits of healthy eating. With the support of my trainers I have learned to listen to my body, to push my perceived limits, and to harness new tools to benefit my nutrition.”


And we proudly announce our third place winner, John Dixon, who took home $500. He lost 39 lbs and 15.49% body fat! He commented “Kerri, my trainer, helped me work around a rotator cuff injury and identified exercises that didn’t involve my shoulder.  My goal is 195 lb before I turn 76 this August. Halfway there and I know I will make it.”

Each participant received access to nutrition coaching, HSPFit 2.0 classes, and group Weight Loss Challenge Trainers who were there to make sure they stay on track and reach their goals. We want to thank all of our contestants for their participation, support, and hard work. Keep your eye out for HealthSPORT’s next Weight Loss Challenge! 

Weight Loss Challenge Winners

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