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"The ABCs of Weight Loss"

Certified Personal Trainer, Blaire Rummel, covers all 26 letters in the alphabet in this FREE ebook. Enough of the here-today-gone-tomorrow weight loss and dieting fads. It's time to get back to the tried and true basics of what really works.

This ebook breaks down the letters of the alphabet and associates each of them with making healthier food choices and enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle. For example, we'll cover:

E - Eating
F - Focus
H - Happiness
J - Journal
K - Kickboxing
L - Lifestyle Change
Z - Zumba

This ebook is filled with suggestions and motivation to conquer many aspects of your weight loss program. When you take the advice and apply it to your workouts at the gym and in the kitchen, the sky is the limit as to what you can accomplish for yourself. This book discusses setting Goals, enjoying Victories, as well as making sure you remember to Reward yourself for your Persistence in reaching your fitness goals.